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Confidentiality: Identity-related information is protected by our confidentiality policy, and any data collected on applicants will be used to further the mission of Jasmine Road and for continuous improvement of the quality of the program and its services for program participants. Demographic data collected may be shared with researchers, community stakeholders, funding sources, or other qualified entities to accurately describe the backgrounds and demographics of populations served and the services rendered by Jasmine Road and its partners. Data will also be used to track and quantify community impact, effectiveness of service, and to identify areas where improvement is needed. Whenever data is shared outside the Jasmine Road organization, resident identities remain confidential. Confidentiality is Jasmine Road’s number one priority, to ensure the safety and security of the women in its program. Personal identifying information such as full names, agges, birthdays, children or family names/information, contact information, and social security numbers belonging to residents are never shared outside the Jasmine Road organization.



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