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Freedom Fighters

Two moms are helping abused women break free from the vicious cycle of sexual exploitation through one of Greenville’s newest nonprofits.


Jasmine Kitchen, a restaurant with a mission

Jasmine Kitchen is open for lunch, serving scratch-made soups, salads, and sandwiches, and offering on-the-job training and employment.


Bon Secours St. Francis and Jasmine Road to build second safe house for human trafficking victims

Bon Secours St. Francis Health System and Jasmine Road have announced a partnership to build a second safe house to help rehabilitate 14 additional female South Carolina human-trafficking victims.


'No daylight between us.' Why SC woman searches the streets for sex trafficking victims

Beth Messick, Executive Director of Jasmine Road, shares her thoughts on how this two-year residential program is helping Greenville survivors of sexual exploitation and addiction heal and create a new life.


'Prison can be ‘saving grace’ – or further trauma – for victims of human trafficking

The State Newspaper sheds light on the impact of human trafficking in the state and the difference that programs like Jasmine Road are making for survivors right here in our community.


Homeless a Prime Target for Sex Trafficking

Homelessness leaves people truly desperate and often vulnerable to a wide range of injustices, including human trafficking and sexual exploitation. A lot of women trapped in these cycles want to get help and change their lives after short term rehabs or incarcerations, but they have nowhere to go but back on the streets or with their trafficker, often reentering the cycle of exploitation.


Greenville Women Giving Awards Jasmine Road $100,000 to Fund Transformative Program for Women

Jasmine Road received a $100,000 grant from Greenville Women Giving to fund the first year of the life-changing program for the first five residents.


New Gvl cafe to empower, employ survivors of human trafficking

Jasmine Kitchen will offer residents at Jasmine Road stable and sustainable employment opportunities that maximize positive social impact in the Greenville community, while generating funding for nonprofit operations.


Hundreds attend human trafficking symposium held by Bon Secours St. Francis

Jasmine Road was among many organizations making a difference in the lives of survivors of trafficking and addiction that joined together for the annual event.


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