Shop for Jasmine Road

Shop for Jasmine Road

We are so grateful for the support of our Rooted in Love community. Below is a list of items that are always welcome and needed:

● USPS forever stamps
● Gift cards to Walmart and Publix for groceries, household supplies
● Gift cards to Spinx and Quik-Trip for gas
● Gift cards to Target or TJ Maxx for clothing
● Razors
● Facial wash
● Feminine Hygiene Products - Tampons (all sizes)
● Laundry detergent (regular and sensitive)
● Paper towels
● Toilet paper
● Copy/printer paper
● Swiffer Wet Jet Pads
● Swiffer Wet Jet Wood Refills

To coordinate donations for our home, please send an email to

Jasmine Road is teaming up with L’s on Augusta to offer the residents of Jasmine Road an upscale boutique shopping experience. For more information on how to contribute, visit the following link: L's on Augusta

We also have several wishlists available online: